At American Games, superior quality is always our goal. We have continually provided the market with the most advanced Pull-Tab Vending Machines (PTVMs). Since the early 1990s, American Games, has supplied thousands of PTVMs that have vended billions of secure gaming products to players worldwide. Whether it be in the Lottery industry or the Charitable Gaming industry, our MaximTM machines continue to offer the ultimate in speed, capacity, simplicity, flexibility and security.


The MaximTM vending speed has consistently been among the top in the market allowing more purchases in a shorter amount of time which ultimately increases sales.


The MaximTM offers high capacity and ease of use in a relatively small machine. The largest model, the Maximtm 8400, is the largest-capacity ticket vending machine on the market. This 12 game machine holds up to 9600 tickets.


The MaximTM boast a very simple ticket loading procedure. Interchangeable ticket columns are accessed and loaded from the front of the machine and are easily adjusted to accommodate different ticket sizes. This eliminates downtime whenever it’s necessary to change games or switch between different size tickets.


The MaximTM employs a “plug and play” modular design for its major components, which dramatically reduces machine downtime and service. All major components can be removed quickly without the need for special tools or training. Individual programmed ticket columns also allow for flexible pricing and a variety of options.


MaximTM machines are equipped with several features that have become the standard in the vending industry including: solid steel and Lexan construction, confidential PIN numbers for both managers and employees, multiple lock access, audible alarms, and a casino series proven bill acceptor.


In addition to the superior quality and features, American Games’ MaximTM machines are backed by a one-year warranty and toll-free phone support. Browse through our vending machine brochure for a closer look at the MaximTM Pull Tab Vending Machine.




  • Automatic Bin Timing calibrates each column to vend various ticket sizes, including die-cut tickets.
  • Locking base cabinets available for secure storage.
  • Buttons flashing in random sequence and LED price displays attract more players.
  • Interchangeable ticket columns work independently to eliminate downtime.
  • Front-loading tickets is now easier than ever.
  • 2,4 and 6 Column machines are wall mountable.
  • Audible front-door alarm.
  • Available in standard or “Lite” software.
  • Ticket and cash compartments are keyed separately.
  • Bill validator stacks up to 600 bills.
  • Easily accessible.




  • Large display menu walks you through reports and ticket loading quickly and easily.
  • Audit reports offer an increased level of security and accountability.
  • Step-by-step programming makes functions faster and easier than ever:
    • Loading Tickets
    • Changing Prices
    • Running Reports
  • Detailed printed reports for outstanding accountability – from a built-in printer!
  • Additional Sales Reports Include:
    • Shift Report
    • Weekly Report
    • Monthly Report
  • PrintFriendly
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