Games of ChoiceTM

Use Games of Choiceª for your multi-level play. The four dierent colored booklets identify dierent prize levels.

How it works: Each page in the booklet is the same color. A blue booklet contains i.e. 10 blue pages, where each page contains a sheet number. Player will choose a color booklet to purchase, which dictates the prizes that can be won. For example, if bingo is won on a blue page, a $100 prize is claimed; a red page might pay a $200 prize and a green page might pay $300, and so on. "Games of Choice" is a popular game in Las Vegas casinos and in large commercial halls with multiple sessions per day.

Available in B-LineTM

  • 9-18 (green)
  • 18-27 (blue)
  • 27-36 (orange)
  • 36-45 (red)
  • PrintFriendly
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