Double Powerburst BingoTM

Double the Powerburst, double the excitement!
This game offers customers the same great twist as Powerburst BingoTM, with two separate random Powerbursts that occur in 36 dierent locations throughout a set of 9,000 faces. Players feel that their chances to win are effectively doubled. Bingo venues can get creative with Double Powerburst BingoTM as it offers many different ways to play, including these popular games:


  • In a regular game, offer a bonus when either or both "BURSTS" are used in a Bingo
  • Offer a Bonus Progressive Prize if a bingo is called on a Powerburst Number
  • Let the player use the Powerburst as Free Spaces and prepare for a fast game
  • Double Powerburst Bingoª

Available as a custom order product

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