Amercian Games is pleased to introduce the industry’s first expandable Pull-Tab Vending Machine (PTVM). Having produced PTVMs for well over a decade, American Games is now ready to take aim at the 4 column vending machine market. Currently available as a 6 and 12 column vending machine, American Games is able to manipulate the best-selling 6 column PTVM and provide customers with an expandable 4 column machine.

American Games’ PTVMs are constructed in a modular fashion. That is, all core components employ a “plug and play” modular design that quickly enables a 4 column machine to expand into a 6 column machine.

For those cusomers new to vending, the expandable 4 column PTVM is sure to be a hit! Start with a 4 column machine, see the success, and expand to a 6 column machine!

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